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We are able to help in all of the following areas, as your primary technology partner or alongside other agencies.

  • IT Strategy Consultancy
  • E-Commerce Initiatives
  • Bespoke Software Solutions
  • Database Development
  • Legacy Systems Integration

Scheduled Monitoring & Analysis

Regular checking of log and error files is an absolutely essential part of maintaining a secure web application or server. We’re able to dedicate a weekly/fortnightly/monthly timeslot to look over and clear out log files, error reports and perform other recurring tasks necessary for the smooth running of your services. Get in touch to see how much we can do to protect you against the unknown.

Web Development

We are specialists in the web development field with a wealth of previous experience developing in a number of programming and scripting languages. This broad range of talents allows us to use the most suitable language for the job at hand; or work well with existing systems, regardless of their history.

We are also skilled at converting systems from one technology to another; for example, rebuilding legacy ASP systems in modern object-oriented PHP to take advantage of improved performance, reliability and security.

Our platform of choice is a LAMP/WAMP stack, and we are happy to quote for converting from legacy or less common platforms to LAMP.

  • PHP
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap
  • ColdFusion
  • ASP & .NET

Our day-to-day database works is based upon:

  • MySQL
  • SQL Server

E-commerce Development

From boutique retailers to large high street stores we can build your next success from the ground up, to your exact specifications. We can even help when you don’t know what those specifications should be!

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Content Management System Development

We support/develop large Drupal CMS systems, and generally recommend WordPress for smaller website projects.

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CPD Planning & Recording

CPD Planning & RecordingOur exclusive CPD planner, tracker & recorder is available for your organisation to streamline its CPD approach. Still using paper records and random sampling? See how easy it is to take the next step, contact us today and learn more.

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Drupal Development

druplicon_bullet_0Drupal is a fully-featured framework behind some of the biggest and busiest websites on the web. Drupal is a mature and solid choice for those websites needing an off-the-shelf CMS.

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Online Project Tracker

Centralisys Project TrackerCentralisys is our in-house project management system that helps keep track of clients, projects, time and invoices. With a clear, easy-to-use interface Centralisys helps you track every hour of your day to see where to invoice clients. Built from the ground up to be powerful and flexible our team uses Centralisys every day to record work and keep on top of projects.

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WordPress Development

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbWordPress is the industry standard for personal web publishing and the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. Not just for blogs any more, it is also a powerful publishing platform for news outlets, magazines and any other rich media publication.

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