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Centralisys Online Project Tracker

Centralisys is our exclusive online project management system that helps keep track of clients, projects, time and invoices. With a clear, easy-to-use interface Centralisys helps you track every hour of your day to see where to invoice clients.

Built from the ground up to be powerful and flexible our team uses Centralisys every day to record work and keep on top of projects.

There are built in reporting features to help with your invoicing each month, as well as day reports for you to see where everyone’s time has gone over the last 24 hours, week, month etc.

Centralisys Project Tracker

Who is it for?

Centralisys is perfect for anyone who deals with clients and projects on a recurring basis;

  • Consultants
  • Legal professionals
  • Contractors
  • Builders, electricians, plumbers

How much does it cost?

Centralisys is available off-the-shelf for just £65 per month (12 month minimum term applies) plus a one off set up charge of £400. This charge covers a domain name, hosting and set up for your own Centralisys white-label site, so clients can access it from any Internet-enabled device and see your own branded system. There are no advertisements or other signs that this is anything but your own project management system, which gives your business a professional, quality image.

How does it work?

To begin with you need to add your clients to the system. This is a case of assigning them a username and password which they will use to access their projects. Once logged in your clients only see projects that are relevant to them.

To start work you, or your client, would ‘Add a Job’ using the simple online form to include details of what the work entails and it’s urgency. Optionally they can add details such as budget and due date. When any changes are made, the system asks the user if they would like to email the update out to associated users. Usually this would be themselves and your business, however when more than two people are communicating on a job this email list can grow to support large numbers of parties to notify.

While performing the work requested you can keep a track of exactly what actions you take by recording a log online, along with how many hours you are spending over time on the project. Comments can be made on this by the client, or anyone involved with this particular job. As before, email notifications can optionally be sent out to update people on progress.

Once the job is complete it can be marked ‘Complete’ and it will then be transferred into the invoicing list, for you to issue on your next bill date. This list also combines related client work so you can invoice efficiently for full amounts.


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