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E-Commerce Websites

We are experts in online retailing, with many year’s experience both developing and supporting online shops and e-commerce web applications. From shopping cart customisations to search engine optimisation we provide all the services you need to get your online shop built, launched and profitable.

Although we provide an excellent full service, we are also happy to step in at any point and assist with other companies you may already be working with. We have worked with design studios to bring a finished design to life and we have worked with suppliers who want to bring their product to market. We have also worked for a number of individuals on smaller development tasks, where we have been praised for our professional standards and absolute efficiency.

Whether you’re just looking for advice or you have a specific requirement in mind, get in touch today and see just what we can do for you.

Here is a list of the services we provide in this area:




Where Do We Start?

Talk to us! We’re happy to offer advice and guidance, and we’ll be honest with expectations. Very few websites start generating huge revenues overnight but we can do everything required to give you the best possible returns. To do this you need to stand out from the crowd by offering a unique product or service, or by offering additional incentives. Once you’re happy with your customer offer, it’s simply a matter of attracting those first conversions.

We can design your shop to target the right customers in the right marketplace. This is crucial, as a poorly designed shop that’s hard to navigate and use is as bad as one that doesn’t work at all. The completed design is then applied to a shopping cart platform, specifically the right one for your purposes, and tested to ensure it is fully operational. The final step of the process is to begin marketing and advertising your shop. Whether you use social media or more traditional channels is another decision we can offer advice on, although it is heavily dictated by your target audience.

After Launch

We can manage your marketing for an agreed period after launch or continuously under one of our management contracts. A contract could also cover any future development and expansion plans you may have, as well as bug fixes and on-going support for you, your team and your customers.No hidden charges, no software costs, no licensing fees.

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