About SteamDesk
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About SteamDesk

We pride ourselves on having excellent relationships with all of our clients and we talk in plain English; we don’t try to dazzle you with tech-speak.
You can read a bit more about our key staff members here.

Ross Hamilton Ross Hamilton

I’m Ross, the founder and managing director of SteamDesk. I’ve been involved in all sorts of web development since the early 90s when I studied Computer Science to PhD level. I really am a Website Doctor!

I decided to expand my successful contracting business into a fully-fledged development house in the early part of 2010. As well as embracing new technologies we still support many legacy apps (including ColdFusion, classic ASP, VB and many more) so if you are struggling to support older systems then please contact us.

We are not systems evangelists – we’re equally happy working on a range of platforms. We’re experts at finding solutions that will pull data in from a range of sources, from dedicated XML/RSS feeds to hand-written exporters for legacy systems. If necessary, we’ll even write a screen-scrape to pull data from a source with no API.

Some of our clients started with me over ten years ago – we keep customers happy, and they keep coming back to us.

Ben Trott Ben Trott

Ben has been with us since January 2013, and through a PiKT (Partnerships in Knowledge Transfer) scheme from the University of Lincoln he comes with some helpful sponsorship and a great mentor, Wayne Christian who is a part-time lecturer at the university and a founder of the excellent design agency Studio View.

Ben keeps his head down and works hard, all day, every day, it’s hard to get him to take a holiday! At the end of each week, his job log is always full to the brim. He’s our resident Drupal guru, and generally divides his time between two of our larger clients. Bringing him into the company has helped us to broaden the scope of our work, and the knowledge transfer element of the scheme has been a great success.

Dave Langley Dave Langley

Dave joined us in October 2013, coming from a software contracting background in the defence sector. SteamDesk is providing Dave with the opportunity to build up new skills in a new direction, as he comes away from embedded systems and works more on client-facing technologies on the Internet. Dave is providing SteamDesk with a cool, calm and competent set of hands that can be turned to a wide variety of software technologies.

Dave is another vintage hardware enthusiast, with a collection of video games and pinball machines, and has been well known in the gaming community for many years as dave2084. He’s an electronics wizard and known for being able to fix just about anything that runs off a 12/5v power supply!

Bob Stephenson Bob Stephenson

Bob is our Company Secretary and bookkeeper. From a background in banking (Bob was a Lloyds Bank branch manager for many years) and more recently as bookkeeper to a successful local online retailer (Safelincs) where we discovered him. Bob joined when we launched SteamDesk in 2010 and has been a consistent and steady influence on our development ever since. He manages our in-house use of Sage 50 and Payroll, liaises with our accountants, and keeps everything above board and properly documented.

Bob is a stickler for making sure that the paperwork trail is correct. Woe betide anyone who submits a mileage or expenses claim without a valid VAT receipt, they surely will incur the wrath of Bob!

Nicky Cox Nicky Cox

Nicky joined in November 2014, with a view to keeping the office organised and running smoothly. She got on top of this so quickly and efficiently that we needed to find something else for her to do – so when the paperwork is complete she gets to ogle mens’ pants for the rest of the day, as she manages our sideline Pants2You business www.pants2you.com, which is an online store that we run primarily to make sure that we understand what clients really want, and how they need to be able to interact with their systems. We do genuinely sell underwear though, and it means that our staff never go short of fancy pants!

Alford, Lincolnshire, UK

The SteamDesk development studio is based in rural Lincolnshire. We were established as a team in 2010 and have a rapidly expanding portfolio of high-quality clients.

Efficiency is at the core of everything we do and is key in allowing us to offer the best value and highest quality solutions. Through careful management of our overheads we can turn projects around quickly, within budget, and by using the latest proven technologies we deliver solid and reliable applications for every purpose.

Specialising in web development we also have skills in Windows & mobile development, including iPhone and iPad applications.