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Arduino Programming at C4DI Hardware Meetup

Programming with Arduino - Basics first, make the LEDs flash

Programming with Arduino – Basics first, make the LEDs flash

Last night was the first Hull Digital Hardware Meetup dedicated to Arduino programming at C4DI. We’ve been long-time supporters of C4DI, which is a digital innovation center in Hull (in fact, I believe we were the first company to sign up for a hot-desk there when it launched last year). A couple of months ago the fledgling Hardware Meetup group was started, and one of the C4DI regulars, Hull University lecturer Rob Miles offered to host a course of learning to program on Arduino hardware. I stepped up and offered for SteamDesk to sponsor some SparkFun hardware kits, so we bought 10 from HobbyTronics, and the kind folks there also gave us some other odds an ends to play with. More about them in future blogs…

I took my eldest son, William (10) along, and we had a great night, with lots of LEDs flashing, buzzers buzzing, and heads being scratched as we worked through some excellent handouts provided by Rob and generally had fun seeing what we could achieve. I have to admit to cheating a bit, I already know my way around Arduino fairly well and we spent a bit of time last week playing with the gear so Rob has laid down a challenge to go away and make something cool. William and I are going to try to make some kind of a game, I think (we also snaffled one of the displays/button boards that Hobbytronics kindly gave us, so the opportunities for user interaction are a bit better than in the standard SparkFun kit…

Really looking forward to the next one!