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Work Experience

Even though all I’ve done this week pretty much is sit at a desk on the computer, it honestly feels like I’ve had about 4 hours sleep for the whole time period that I’ve been here! Who knew being this inactive was so exhausting?

When I decided back in the summer to come to SteamDesk for work experience, I thought that I would either be used as a tea lady or be given really difficult spreadsheets to complete, but I was wrong. On the first day I had to dress and undress a mannequin and upload the photos that I had taken to the company’s state of the art online pant store. Gabriel (the mannequin) was a pain in the neck to dress, and had to have the majority of his limbs removed and his body twisted in half. This activity is probably the reason why I am still tired 🙂

Maya taking product pictures

Maya photographing products for our www.pants2you.co.uk website

These past few days haven’t been as exhausting as the first day, but I have still enjoyed myself. I have even made presentations that will be displayed in the window of the office, so whenever I walk past in future I can look at them and think “I made that”!

Overall I have really enjoyed my time here, and I wish I could have stayed for another week instead of going back to school!