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T-Mobile pink and Lastminute pink


Have you ever wondered how someone can trademark a colour?  Well, we have, and we were slightly perturbed to discover that LastMinute.com has trademarked the colour pink:

lastminute pink

Why were we perturbed, you may ask?  Because, our sharp-eyed MD Ross spotted that the T-Mobile pink appears to be the exact same colour:

t-mobile pink

Both appear to be #ec008c which is the RGB code for this particular shade.  Surely T-Mobile is just as well trademark-protected as LastMinute?  Surely both companies can afford brand advisers who would spot such an obvious clash.

Let’s bring it on!

In the left corner, representing lovers of not-actually any cheaper holiday and hotel deals across the UK and the world, springboard for their less than stellar (and arguably token) CEO to political prominence, and general competition bulldozer, we have LastMinute.com.

In the right corner, with more mergers and brand name changes than the Royal Mail, and so much internal competition that OFCOM becomes superfluous, undefeated in several rip-off spectrum auctions and always busy siphoning our hard-earned cash out of the country almost as well as the Chinese eBay dumpers, we have the T-Mobile.

Who can afford the best lawyers?  How long can they drag it out?  Contenders ready… fight!