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Raspberry Pi First Impressions

We took delivery of a Raspberry Pi today, for which kudos goes to CPC for not only a good price (no postage either) but also fast delivery (we only ordered it yesterday lunchtime). It’s great UK-based suppliers like this one that set the standard for customer service, and while we’re all in favour of getting a great price from an overseas supplier from time to time, everyone should buy locally as often as we can or the UK economy may never recover.

Raspberry Pi and Wireless KeyboardAnyway, first impressions. Nicely packaged, the case is reasonable but not “special” (I bought a set with a case and power supply included). We also bought from CPC an ULTRA MINI KEYBOARD AND PAD (their code: CS23874) which turned out to be much smaller than expected, and worked immediately which was a lovely surprise (we had had assumed that we would need to install an OS onto the Pi first, but from the NOOBS boot screen the wireless keyboard/trackpad was working perfectly). NOOBS took a fairly long to do its job, but 30-45 minutes or so later we were able to boot into either of the new operating systems. We installed Raspbian and Raspbmc (probably overkill, presumably if you shell out of Raspbmc you’re essentially in Raspbian?) We booted into Raspbmc for some quick eye-candy and were impressed with what we found.

Then went to try out AirPlay with one of our Apple devices, only to remember that we’d gone elsewhere for a WiFi USB stick (the CPC price didn’t look great for this item, we halved it by going to eBay). Hopefully it will turn up tomorrow and we’ll find time for another play!