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Christmas celebration with Eledecks

We were kindly invited out earlier this week to join the Eledecks team for a Christmas dinner (www.eledecks.com). We have been working for them for nearly 6 years now and have watched their business go from strength to strength. Eledecks provides “white label” HR services to companies via a network of resellers, and the back-end programming has been very interesting with a lot of variety. Because we came together with them after they had already been established for a number of years we have had to deal with a substantial amount of legacy systems support. Juggling their constant desire to add new features to their system with our goal to improve the existing code while always ensuring security and quality has taken some fine balancing, and we’re very proud of the work we have done for them. They are also a lovely team to work with, so thanks again Carolyn and her team for taking us out, and long may we continue to work together!



Eledecks is one of the many clients that we have picked up because they have chosen to part company with their previous developers. If you are fed up with developers who try to dazzle you with technobabble, who charge a lot for doing very little, and who dodge your calls or prefer to point fingers rather than solve problems, then perhaps your New Year’s Resolution could be to talk to us too. Life is too short to stick with bad suppliers, and the short term pain of a sudden switch is often better than the “death by a thousand cuts” of sticking with the devil you know. If this sounds like your circumstances, we would love to hear from you.