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New SteamDesk site design – summer 2015

We’re pleased to launch a new site design for the summer of 2015. This is based on design sketches provided by Wayne Christian which he kindly made for us while working with Studio View, he can now be found at A Digital Engagement.

The site has been put together by our Summer Intern, Hannah Elias, who stayed with us for nearly 4 months over the summer while on vacation between the second and third years of her degree at Northumbria University. Thanks Hannah, you’ve done a lovely job. While here, Hannah also worked on a major data forms project for Osiris Educational, OTI Forms (sadly you can’t see much of this without a login), re-worked the templating in William Reviews to be mobile-friendly and responsive, and worked extensively on The Best Of Staffroom, a website showcasing educational articles. Best of luck this year, Hannah!